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Katherine, ASIP 2014
"The Smithsonian itself offers a ton of intern activities - socials, tours, volunteer experiences, training -so be sure to take advantage of them. You only experience the ASIP once, so don't spend all of your time trapped in your cubicle. Sign up/ Get out/ Take advantage of 'skipping the line' access that comes with your ID badge."
Education student, Sarah Perry – ASIP 2010
"…fantastic opportunity and I feel very privileged to have been selected. I foresee this experience being very beneficial on both a professional and academic level. It has given me a wealth of experience in an educational setting working with children and the public."
Business student, Natasha Newman – ASIP 2008
"My internship with the Smithsonian Institution was both academically enriching and personally fulfilling, and I would encourage everyone to apply; it was the best summer I’ve ever had!"
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Arts student, Timothy Yu – ASIP 2011
"There’s a saying in Chinese that if one carefully considers the past, they can predict the future that has already happened. Here in Washington, D.C., I’ve been given the distinct privilege of sharing my duties at both the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History and Asian Pacific American Program, where I had the chance to meet extraordinary people and explore into my cultural heritage. I genuinely hope that Albertan students will take advantage of this opportunity to not only challenge themselves intellectually, but dare to follow their personal dreams and aspirations."
Syeda, ASIP 2014
"My internship was with the Office of Policy and Analysis in the Summer of 2014. It was a fantastic experience, as my supervisors took the time to assign me projects that fit my interests in the areas of science outreach, environmental conservation, and international development. There are generally a Iorge number of interns at the office during the summer and that allowed me to meet and work with a diverse set of people from different ports of the world. The Smithsonian Institute also has many fun events for interns from different offices to connect with one another."