Frequently Asked Questions
1. Who is eligible to participate in the Alberta Smithsonian Internship Program (ASIP)
Program Eligibility
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Alberta residents who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, and are registered in a degree program at the undergraduate or graduate level at an Alberta post-secondary institution are eligible. Students who fail to meet these criteria but are interested in an internship can apply directly to the Smithsonian Institution at:
2. How do I know which internship to apply for?
You will need to visit the Smithsonian Institution website and research the internship possibilities that are available in order to identify areas/department most appropriate to your interests and goals. Please indicate these interests in your application.
3. How long are the internships, and when would my internship commence, if selected?
Internships are typically 10 weeks long and run through the summer and fall terms. The start and end date of each internship is arranged between the intern and the Smithsonian internship supervisor, there are no set dates.
4. Do I apply directly to the Smithsonian Institution or to the ASIP Office?
You must apply through the ASIP Office in order to be eligible for the ASIP monetary award.
5. Whom do I contact if I have any questions?
Ciara Murrin International Internship Coordinator (Outbound)
6. Do I pay tuition or maintain any university registration while on an internship?
Students may arrange with their home universities to register for credit in courses such as directed reading, special topics or other internship courses on their own. Matters relating to registration and credit for course work while participating in the program are the sole responsibility of the student. Students who participate in a fall or winter term internship should discuss their ASIP plans with an academic program advisor to ensure that they meet the necessary requirements to enable them to return to their program at the conclusion of their internship.
7. Do I have to apply for a US work visa on my own?
No, the Program Contact at the Smithsonian Institution will do all of the paperwork required for your work visa. All applications will be reviewed and processed through the Department of Home Land Security SEVIS system as part of the visa application and approval process. You need to ensure that you have a current and valid passport before departing for the US.
8. When is the application deadline?
All applications must be received by midnight January 15, 2018.
9. Where can I get more information?
Students can refer to their international centres at their home institutions. You can also refer to the Testimonials page and connect with alumni.
10. Who is my internship advisor at my home institution?
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